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Watch your intake

Food and drinks are important part of summer exercise regime.

    • Increase your liquid intake because you lose a lot of water through perspiration in the heat. It is important to drink water all through the day to avoid dehydration, heat strokes and sun strokes.
    • Eat foods that are rich in water content such as fruits and vegetables. Experienced fitness trainers offer a suitable diet plan that suits your body

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Watch the time of workout

Summer heat can sap out all your energy. So, take care about the time you exercise. If you are into outdoor fitness, it is all the more important to consider time of the day.

  • Avoid exercising during the day when the sun is strong. Prefer exercising before 10 AM and after 4PM. Personal trainers in Marbella conduct classes in the early mornings which is a good option for summer days.
  • For outdoor workouts, choose places that are shaded so that you can avoid direct exposure to the sun.
  • Always check the weather forecast. If there is a forecast of high pollution and high ozone in the atmosphere, avoid working out outdoors and exercise indoors.

Watch what you wear

Clothing is should be apt for the season.

  • Wear loose clothes but not too loose to obstruct exercising freely. Well-fitting wicking clothes are the best for summer.
  • Avoid polyester and prefer cotton clothes
  • Never forget wearing sun block

Watch how you workout

You need to change your workout pattern with every change in season because your body needs to get acclimatized to the change.  Excess heat with high humidity is a dangerous combination since such weather saps out a lot of your energy. Fitness trainers in Marbella keep this in mind when formulating workout regimes.

  • Avoid high intensity cardio in the hot sun
  • Keep workout durations short
  • Split workout duration between short morning and evening workouts if possible
  • Reduce intensity of workout
  • If you feel drained of energy, which is frequent in summers, stop exercising. Do not push yourself too much.

It is important that you have your guards up when you exercise in summer. By joining Marbella personal trainers where sound workout advice are provided, you can be safe and healthy.