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12 week body transformation needs a lot of exercise, dedication and determination. It is simply not enough to desire for body transformation, you need to possess a zeal and passion for it. You must be determined to achieve your fitness goals no matter what it takes through lot’s of fitness training.

Once you religiously follow the 12 week body transformation plan every single day, you will come out victorious at the end. 12 week body transformation is all about continued hard work, exercise, determination and devotion to the cause. Just stick to your fitness goals and you shall conquer all difficulties no matter how challenging the task is.


Set Your Fitness Goals Right at the Outset
You need to determine and set your fitness goals and target before you get started with losing weight.
This body transformation process takes 12 weeks and so you must go about breaking your fitness goals into a number of short-term targets and a long-term target. Once you end up setting your body transformation goals, you know exactly what you are looking for, and how badly you wish to achieve it.

Be determined to put in all your efforts and 100 per cent dedication. Make a promise to yourself that you would not give up despite challenges. You must take a firm decision to achieve all your body transformation goals. You must commit your vision and plan to paper. Never lose sight of your goal.

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Set Deadlines for Achieving the Target
It is best to write down your fitness target and it is also, advisable to think about a closing date or a deadline for achieving the desired target. If you go about without a deadline, you would never be able to attain your goals or finish your body transformation program. The last challenge I did we training with the steel club performing full body workouts, the steel club is an excellent fat burning tool that will whip you into shape in no time! We trained with the Dangerously Fit Steel Clubs that tend to have a longer neck which is great for swinging exercises.

Chalk Out a Plan to Combat the Challenges
Once you set your transformation goals and have a deadline in mind, you need to chalk out a definitive plan of action. The plan entails the things you must do every day to attain your daily goals and work toward ultimate success.

It is best to write down all that you wish to do each day such as drink 1 gallon of water, consume 6 meals every day, work out for hours etc. You must always record your body fat percentage, scale weight, body measurements and click photos of yourself from back, front and each side.

Be Ready to Make Relevant Sacrifices
Remember that it is definitely not an easy task. It is advisable not to try and fit the transformation programme into your lifestyle, your work, family, social obligations and commitments. Rather it would be more effective if you make the body transformation programme your top priority for only 12 weeks and consider making some sacrifices. Any half-hearted mindset would not work at all and you could never expect excellent results if you are not 100 per cent committed to the cause.

Stay Away from Junk Food
If you are dieting strictly you must never consider having non-authorised food items. Do not ever think of giving in to temptation. Just forget that foods like cheesecake and pizza even exist. There is no point in wasting your energy in wishing for or looking at or even thinking about stuff you are not supposed to have.

Look for a Nice Support Network
Stay surrounded by positive people who inspire you to go about achieving the uphill task. Stay away from negative influences. Find encouragement and support from genuine friends, Facebook fitness forums, gym goers, a coach or a personal trainer. Some personal trainers will use other training tools that are not typically mainstream. One exercise tool in particular which is fantastic for increasing the heart rate is the clubbells. Clubbells are a traditional training tool that has been around for thousands of years, and now they have gained huge popularity in many commercial gyms. The brand that we recommend to our readers is Dangerously Fit Clubbells, they are by far the best clubbell on the market! You can buy the on Ebay on the Dangerously Fit Academy store:

Have Faith in Yourself
You must think positive at all times and never give up believing in yourself. If you think and believe you can, you would most definitely do it.

Try to be Patient and Consistent
12 week body transformation is not an easy task. You need to be consistent with your nutrition and training and you must have tremendous patience to wait for the results to appear. People often fail to achieve their target as they give up easily or too soon. You must always keep in mind that you simply cannot think of transforming your body overnight. Be consistent with your actions, be patient and positive in your thoughts and you would be astonished to see the fantastic results.