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When you join a clubbell workout program keep in mind that just working out is not as important as how you go about it. If your approach and efforts are sporadic you are not going to achieve your weight loss goal. What you should do is select a clubbell program that suits your goals, track your progress and be consistent.

How to select a weight loss program
Once you have set a goal as to how much weight you would like to lose, you can then decide what type of clubbell training you should go in for. For weight loss training you will require a weight loss challenge that includes cardio and strength training which will burn the maximum amount of calories and minimize losing body mass.

In case you want to increase your power and strength you will need to use more heavy weights. For endurance results aerobics would be the answer. The important thing is to ensure that your workouts match your goals. Most weight loss tips for women never tell you this, but I found it to be the most important factor for losing weight.

Consistency is the key
You have to be consistent with whatever clubbell training program you decide on. If you keep changing your routine, miss workouts or perform randomly, your efforts will be in vain. So when you decide on a particular routine besides ensuring it is appropriate for the goals you have in mind, it should also fit in with your particular twelve week personal training program.

Making your body respond
If you want your body to respond to the clubbell training program you must be working out with a personal trainer 3-4 times per week, you have to put your body through enough stress which in turn will give you increased fitness, more strength and reduced fat.

However, just doing the same clubbell workouts over a period of time will make your body adapt to them and appropriate changes might not take place, our Facebook page gives some great tips.

Repetition of the same set of exercises done at a mediocre pace or quitting if discomfort sets in will not prove enough of a challenge and your body will not respond. So the amount of effort you put in is important. You should choose a program that has proven principles with regard to intensity, volume and frequency. In case you have absolutely no idea of how to go about selecting such a program take guidance from a professional trainer.

Importance of the right nutrition and lifestyle
As in the case of selecting the right weight loss program you also require a suitable nutrition plan in line with your fitness goal. Choose a program that you can follow consistently otherwise it will not work.

Another factor that impacts your weight loss efforts is your sleep. You should enjoy a good night’s sleep and feel totally rested when you awake. Factors such as stress, over-eating, malnourishment, etc. will affect any training you undertake.

Just training with a clubbell is not going to help you make major improvements in your body. You have to ensure your lifestyle and eating habits will also contribute to getting your body to be strong and healthy.

Tracking your progress
When working out it is important to track your progress on a regular basis. You should keep a record so that you are aware if your body is responding. Besides using weighing scales you could also measure your girth, use skin-fold callipers or check if your clothes are becoming a loose fit. Taking photos of yourself at different stages of the workout could also give you an indication of how much fat you are losing.

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